“Windows is shit.” “That’s garbage, don’t use it.” “I don’t understand why anyone uses that crap.” ~Toxic nerds on the internet, since forever.

In the nearly six years I’ve been using Linux, there’s one thing I’ve learned that stands out above everything else: many of its users are wholly convinced they’ve found something that is utterly and unequivocally superior to anything that spawns from the realm of the evil Microsoft and Apple megacorps.

Stuff. You’ve Got It.

Key Components

My car, a 2013 MINI Cooper Coupe S

My car is… strange. It’s quirky and sometimes impractical. It’s also fast, fun, and the driving experience is nothing short of confidence-inspiring. This is the true nature of the MINI Cooper Coupe, a somehow smaller than normal MINI model with just two seats, a funky active spoiler, and topped with a baseball-cap roof that always turns heads. After owning the car for nearly two years now, it’s safe to say that this squat coupe offers the attention-grabbing characteristics of a car well beyond its class. …

Imagine Getting Things Done

When my Pixelbook Go arrived on my doorstep, I was incredibly excited for multiple reasons. I was thrilled that I was getting new hardware, of course, but I was also ecstatic to begin a new chapter of my lifelong computing journey. As someone who’s been more than comfortable bouncing between various versions of Windows, macOS, and “Linux” throughout the years, this was just another opportunity to do things in a different way, and see things in a new light. There’s something incredibly appealing to me about how we get things done, and why we use our…

On August 22, 2020 I made a bold tweet about an experiment I wanted to conduct. A personal little endeavour to use and better understand the web-focused workflow that Chrome OS devices (Chromebooks) suit best. While I did have a couple of Chromebooks laying around the house, I didn’t have any current models with high-specs, so I opted to install something on my primary laptop called CloudReady, a Chromium OS-based operating system that is fairly similar in most regards. I was going to use this as my primary operating system for at least a week, getting all of my normal…

Alan Diggs

Hey, I'm Alan, AKA Schykle! I'm a tech enthusiast, and a passionate MINI owner and driver! I love cars and I love driving!

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